Toga Hill Sumedang as Main Venue for Paragliding Festival

Toga Hill Sumedang as Main Venue for Paradigling Festival

Sumedang – Toga Hill Sumedang will be a venue for Virtual Air Force Paragliding Festival 2020. Competition for various regionals will be followed to about 352 national athlethes to fight over Indonesia National Airfroce Trophy and will be held for two days, 17th-18th of October

General Secretary of Central Board Indonesia Aero Sport Federation (Pengurus Besar Federasi Aero Sport Indonesia/PB FASI), First Marshall Basuki Rahmat, said that this event will be implemented in a training form along with one of Central Aerospace programs from Indonesia Airforce in 2020.

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“Implemented simultaneously in six places and one of them is at Kampung Toga Hill as main Venue and another five venues are Makao Duo in West Sumatra, Puncak Bogor in West Java, Wonosobo in Central Java, Karang Anyar Sukahorjao in Central Java and Batu Malang in East Java” First Marshall Basuki Rahmat said in Sunday (18/10

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Sumedang Regent, H Dony Ahmad Munir, accompanied by Sumedang Vice Regent, H Erwan Setiawan, and regional secretary, Herman Suryatman, said his intention to make Sumedang as a heaven for Paradigling wordly

“Sumedang has a good venue for paradigling. First is Toga Village, second Batudua Cisitu, and third Pasircinta Jatigede. All remarkable venues for paradigling lovers” Dony said

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Dony appreciate Indonesia Airforce for his decision to make Hill Kampung Toga as a main venue and trusted as a central acitivity for Virtual Festival of Indonesia Airforce Cup in 2020. Dony hoped that Sumedang will be a venue for national and international paradigling festival

“Thanks you to all of committee for their dedication and make this event working good” Dony added