Millenials Creativity in Karawang Youth Pledge Day

Millenial Creativity in Karawang Youth Pledge Day

Karawang – Tands Management and Karawang Talent Master organize regional clooth competition for young generation of Karawang City in Mall Festive Walk Galuh Mas Karawang, Sunday (17/10)

Chandra Tandi, Tands Management owner and Founder of Karawang Talent Master, said that young generation is next generation who will receve national leadership. Consequently, it is important to install nationalism into the soul of young generation

Tands Management succeed in offering kind of love to nation for millenials generation by bringing Youth Pledge theme for millenial generation. Participant not only show a mastery in in walking by using regional cloth, but also show regional dance from the cloth which they used to

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Nationalism could be expressed by loving regional culture and tradition and one of them by using regional cloth. Cloth competition for young generation followed by representatives from Karawang Little Boy Akang Teteh such as Anellita Federica (3rd Place Karawang Teteh Little Daughter 2020) Dechintya (2nd Place Karawang Teteh Little Daughter) Daniel Immanuel and Resky Amalia (1st Place Karawang Akang Teteh Little boy 2019), Zamliya and Keyni Putri (2nd Place Karawang Teteh Little Daughter 2019), and Nazwa Pitrie (Finalitst of Karawang Teteh Little Daughter 2020)

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This event supported by all talents from Karawang Talent Master studio; Jelita, Khalifa, Shintya, and Windy