Positive Cases of Covid-19 In Bogor District Area Reach to 1.333 Cases

Bogor – Bogor District Government confirm new 35 positif cases of Covid-19

According to spreading cases of Covid-19 from Bogor District of Covid-19 Taskforce, there were 1.333 total cases until Saturday night (19/9)

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Increasing number of positive cases come from Cileungsi Sub-District 18 cases, Jonggol Sub-District 7 cases, Cibinong Sub-District, Bojong Gede Sub-District are 2 Cases, meanwhile Parung Panjang Sub-District, Klapanunggal Sub District, Citeureup Sub-District, Cisarua Sub-District, Caringin Sub-District and Babakan Madang Sub-District are 1 case

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In addition, there were 472 positive cases in hospital for treatment and 808 recovered patients, 48 died and 310 suspected by corona