The Indonesian Journalists Association and the Indonesian Cyber ​​Media Union cannot be separated

Jakarta – The chairman of the Indonesian Cyber ​​Media Union (SMSI) is reminded to build good relations with the Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI).

This was conveyed by the Chairman of the Indonesian Cyber ​​Media Union (SMSI), Firdaus, at the opening of the First National Working Meeting (Rakernas), Saturday (26/9) at Hotel Marbella Anyer, Serang, Banten.

Firdaus said, SMSI and PWI are like two sides of a coin which remain attached to each other.
He explained that SMSI was founded by PWI because it has predicted that there will be a decrease in readers of print media switching to online media

So SMSI was formed as a forum for online media entrepreneurs. PWI’s role in the establishment of SMSI was very large because it was the founder of both the central and regional.

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“At the beginning, the SMSI in the regions was declared by the Provincial PWI. So it is recorded in history that the Chairperson of the Provincial PWI is the founder of the SMSI, “said Firdaus.

Furthermore, in his speech, Firdaus said, SMSI must be able to seek the welfare of people involved in media companies.

The Head of Central SMSI said that SMSI already has a news room now, and will become a big media because it is supported by thousands of media companies.

Firdaus said, currently online media companies can get income from adsense and no longer depend on advertisements from the Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBD).

For that reason, the establishment of the news room is very beneficial for its members. Because each member of the media can cite news from other regions that airs on

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Several provinces that sent envoys to Rekernas there are Banten, Lampung, East Java, Central Kalimantan, Kep. Riau, NTB and South Kalimantan, Maluku and South Sumatra.

While several provinces that participated in the Rakernas via virtual zoom are Yogyakarta, Papua, West Papua, East Kalimantan, West Kalimantan and North Sulawesi.

In the Rakernas, their organization of online news media entrepreneurs is subjected to strict health protocols. At the participant registration desk, the health team checks the participants’ health one by one before entering the room.

The opening ceremony begins with reading a prayer and continues with greetings

While the Minister of Communication and Information Technology of the Republic of Indonesia, Johnny G. Plate in his teleconference speech, invited the SMSI management to further strengthen their commitment and expand their role to become a healthy media for the community.

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“We are fighting against the negative content on social media,” said Johnny G. Plate.

Representing the Press Council, Hendry Ch Bangun appreciated the implementation of the National Working Meeting which took place by complying with the Covid-19 protocol.

As stated by Hendry Ch Bangun, SMSI’s strengths have succeeded in gathering 1224 online media companies in 34 provinces.

He continued, currently many media have started to go bankrupt, especially during the pandemic.
So he said, SMSI must find a way out so that the online media which is his member can survive.

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