Head of IMI South Kalimantan Gives Support for 3 Racers Competing at Goes to Rimba Raid Taman Negara Malaysia

JAKARTA – Chairman of IMI South Kalimantan Ir H Edy Sudarmadi gave support to 3 Indonesian racers, namely Tajul Arifin, Rial Hamzah and Adit Priyono who took part in the Rimba Raid Pahang Malaysia, 23-25 ​​September 2022.


Rimba Raid Pahang this big engine motorcycle competition was participated by more than 170 racers and 80 foreign competitors and from more than 30 countries.


Haji Edy because he has a lot of experience riding large CC motorcycles was asked to give advice to the three Indonesian racers who took part in this prestigious event. “We were asked to provide input and advice to three Indonesian racers who were specially invited to join Rimba Raid Pahang,” he said at a press conference at Jelajah Moto Café Jakarta, Saturday (17/9/2022).

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Conceived to be a competition unlike any other elsewhere in the world: a motorcycle sports event set in natural surroundings of the world’s oldest rainforest, pristine beaches and authentic Kampong setting.


Pahang, Home to World Class Outdoor Motorised Recreation.


The concept of Rimba Raid Series lies in the heart of Pahang: A unique motorcycle sports event set in natural surrounding, world’s oldest rainforest no less. No such big engine motorcycles endurance rally competition has ever been done before elsewhere. This is an opportunity that is unique only to Pahang.


A tourism product opportunity that should not be overlooked. Unlike mainstream off road motocross events, big enduro rallies attracts high value customers, participants with deep pockets. Of course, we do not limit the participations only to adventure-style big enduro motorcycle owners.

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Mat Daling is unique. You can access via a world-class 70km highway just recently completed, from Kuala Tahan, or via a 120km dirt trails from Lepar Utara.


How do you showcase such a unique destination to the world?


Rimba Raid is the answer. Imagine Saudi Arabia’s Dakar Rally deep in tropical rainforest jungle. Imagine how such idea would bring in social and economic development to the locals, from Jerantut to Kuala Tahan to Ulu Tembeling. In 2018/2019, Dakar Rally brought about UD$200M worth of economic impact to Bolivia and Peru.


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Rimba Raid, a sports events that bring people together not only for the sports, but also to enjoy Ulu Tembeling and Kuala Tahan’s eco-tourism destination. While Thailand has successfully promoted its Thousand Corners tourism products to all motorcycle owners across Asia, we have the same opportunity, even better.


Camping by the riverbank under the stars in the world’s oldest rainforest, savouring Pahang local authentic menu, boat ride to hidden gem of Jeram Perahu. Rimba Raid 2022 will bring in at least 170 local racers and 80 foreign competitors and from more than 30 countries. Imagine who can we bring in the future editions. We are putting Malaysia, Pahang in the world sporting map.