HDCI Indonesia Rally 2021 Promotes South Kalimantan Icon’s Alalak Bridge

Banjarmasin – Harley Davidson Club Indonesia (HDCI) Indonesia Rally 2021 Explore the archipelago traveling from Makassar – Toraja – Lasusua – Kendari – Kolonobale – Poso – Palu – Balikpapan – Banjarmasin – Sampit – Sandai – Singkawang – Pontianak. Finally arrived in the city of Banjarmasin.

HDCI Rally 2021 carries out a tourism promotion mission, also filled with social service activities to provide assistance to communities affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The HDCI Rally 2021 Social Service event was launched some time ago and was released directly by the General Chair of the Central HDCI, Inspector General of Police Teddy Minahasa Putra SH SIK in Makassar and was also attended by Deputy Chief of Police of the Republic of Indonesia Komjen Pol (ret) Nanan Soekarna

The chairman of the South Kalimantan Indonesian Motorcycle Association (IMI) Ir H Edy Sudarmadi, who is also the former chairman of HDCI South Kalimantan, also welcomed the group of participants in the HDCI Rally.

“We welcome the presence of HDCI Rally Jelajah Nusantara via the South Kalimantan route. Through this event, HDCI will participate in promoting South Kalimantan tourism so that it is increasingly known in the world,” said Edy, who has explored 11 countries with his big motorbike in 2014. They are Malaysia, Thailand, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazahstan, Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Jordan and to then finish in Saudi Arabia.

The HFCI Rally Exploration Nusantara 2021 delegation also had the opportunity to pass the Alalak Bridge – an arch bridge with the first cable stayed construction in Indonesia. This Alalak Bridge deserves to be one of South Kalimantan’s tourism icons, because its construction is unique with the construction of the first cable stayed in Indonesia. Plus the beautiful panorama of the Alalak River seen from the top of the bridge is a natural tourism to be proud of.

The Chairperson of the HDCI South Kalimantan Regional Management, Ferdy Perdana, said that the 2021 HDCI Indonesia Rally was filled with social service activities. This includes providing food package assistance to people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in Banjarmasin, because one of the stages passed.

“We are grateful that Banjarmasin is one of the cities visited by the participants of the HDCI Indonesia Rally 2021. Then we will distribute aid to people in Banjarmasin who are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic,” he said.

Ferdy added that the HDCI Indonesia Rally 2021 is a form of HDCI’s concern to raise the spirit of the community and be useful. It is also hoped that it can grow the economy which had slumped in the middle of the pandemic, especially the tourism sector. After stopping in Banjarmasin, the group left for Central Kalimantan at the same time to hand over aid to flood-affected residents in Central Kalimantan.

The release of the HDCI Indonesia Rally 2021 group to Central Kalimantan was also carried out at the Duta Mall Banjarmasin parking gate by the South Kalimantan Police Chief, Inspector General Pol Rikwanto. Also present for the release was the Mayor of Banjarmasin, H Ibn Sina.

The Covid-19 pandemic is not an obstacle to helping each other. Like what the Harley Davidson Club Indonesia (HDCI) did, which held social services during the current pandemic. Through the program titled HDCI Indonesia Rally 2021, the Harley Davidson motorcycle community spreads aid to various cities in Indonesia for people affected by Covid-19. 

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