National Sports Week Venue Inaugurate by Tight Health Protocol

National Sports Week Meeting in Papua

Jayapura – Big Committee of National Sports Week (Panitia Besar Pekan Olahraga Nasional/PB PON) Papua asserted that inaguration to same infrastructur venues of National Sports Week (Pekan Olahraga Nasional/PON) in the next October 20st 2020 will be carry on by following tight health protocol

It was said by General Secretary of PB PON XX Papua, Elia Loupatty, to journalists, Tuesday (29/09) after leading coordination meeting with 16 section in PB PON

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Elia Loupatty considered that Municipilaty and Jayapura district are still in red zone of Corona Virus due to high cases of Covid-19. That is why all participant and people who want to attended the event ough to follow rapid test.

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“Tightly health protocol will be implemented in order to avoid new cluster of Covid-19 outbreak in Papua Bangkit Stadion which will changed to new name as Lukas Enembe Stadion” Loupatty said

Loupatty added that it is not only discuss about name changing of Papua Bangkit Stadion to Lukas Enembe stadion but also giving name for Sentani airport and data collection of Papua native

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“So, today discussion is not only related to PON, where it was a changing name of stadion, but also giving name of airport” Loupatty said

However, he will run coordination meeting with regional government before final decision.