Head of Moeldoko Center Trisya Suherman Successful Entrepreneur with Various Activities

The challenges of the business world in times of crisis, such as those that have been affected by the pandemic for more than two years, are really hard, both for entrepreneurs and employees. Dedicated and sympathetic initiatives spontaneously came from successful and great figures who were members of the CEO of Indonesia and the Moeldoko Center, two organizations where Trisya Suherman was appointed as the General Chair.

Various activities are designed and carried out enthusiastically to foster and encourage MSMEs to rise in the midst of a difficult pandemic situation, by sharing knowledge, providing financial support, and helping promote and market MSME products to foreign countries.

In addition, this beautiful woman who is familiarly called Icha said that the Global CEO Indonesia Foundation also collaborated with the Directorate General of Higher Education (Ditjen Dikti) of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud), in organizing an Entrepreneurship Assistance Program for students. This collaboration was stated in the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding or MoU between the Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Culture and the Global CEO Indonesia Foundation.

“The scope of this MoU is the mentoring of the Higher Education Entrepreneurship Program (PT) through students by members of the Global CEO Indonesia Foundation. These activities aim to increase the capacity and quality of university graduates, increase the competitiveness of universities through collaboration with national and multinational companies, and develop an ecosystem of student professionalism through mentoring activities by members of the Indonesian CEO. Thus, there will be young CEOs who are expected to create jobs in the future and can reduce unemployment and poverty levels,” optimistic Icha, who is very grateful to Prof. Ir. Nizam, M.Sc., Ph.D., IPM., ASEAN Eng. (Directorate General of Higher Education) who has realized the CEO Academy.

Apart from being the General Chairperson of the CEO of Indonesia and the Moeldoko Center, currently Icha is also the Chairperson of Millennials nCinta Budaya and Ketum SRITA (Srikandi Indigenous Peoples of the Archipelago) which focuses on promoting and preserving Indonesia’s cultural and historical heritage among millennials and women. Of course, business activities remain his priority, currently running several lines of business, namely Ayokece.com; Supreme pH8+; Moel Coffee; Aksea Property; Bamboo Spa; IBSIS (Indonesia Beauty & Spa Indonesia School); Ministry Hair, Beauty & Wellness; Sababay Winery; as well as spa and beauty products and honey. in the form of shampoo, conditioner, soap, body lotion, body scrub, hair mask, body mask, salt for bathing and there are also products that can be consumed directly.


Product innovation is carried out by Icha so that his business remains productive, generates turnover and survives in the midst of difficult situations such as a pandemic. In addition, for Bambu Spa, Icha focuses on the training center, namely the Indonesia Beauty Spa International School in Serpong. He wants to print a lot of therapists who will be sent or employed abroad. Icha’s dream that she wants to realize is that Indonesia can become The Best Spa In The World. Following the 2019 event, namely the Selection of Indonesian Spa Tourism Ambassadors which was considered a success, and in the future there will be awards for the spa industries, so that there is no negative impression that is sometimes attached to the spa business in Indonesia.

In responding to today’s very rapid technological developments, as well as a breakthrough and solution during the pandemic, Icha developed the digital platform Ayokece.com, an e-commerce specifically for local products for those who want to be cool from hair to feet, including offering a variety of fashion and jewelry, to culinary delights. , which comes from local brands.

“For Ayokece.com, it also sells goods produced by domestic SMEs, and all the works of the nation’s children in the fields of beauty and fashion, as well as culinary arts. The plan is to launch it at the Ritz Carlton on February 14th,” enthusiastic Icha.


Creative Business

During the Pandemic Period The impact of the pandemic that hit all business sectors was also experienced by Icha. His spa business, with the Bambu Spa brand, which has grown and developed very rapidly, had to stop temporarily. But Icha did not want to stay silent. He must be smart to rack his brain so that employees are not laid off.

“We have laid off employees, but no one has been laid off. So, my salary is just not big and there is no daily commission, because the spa is not open. I’m trying to find a way and a way out, partly because I’m also active in the organization and everything is still running, so we empower those who are still with us to become stockists, admins and others,” said Icha, who tried to sell honey and masks at the time. pandemic.

Icha is also trusted to be the Brand Ambassador of Caremax Masks and the Brand Ambassador of the automotive Brabus Indonesia by ALRON Group. Icha is also very grateful that her health and beauty products have been released and have been approved by BPOM, so that she can immediately sell a series of products under the name Honey Series. That is, a product from head to toe

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A digital marketplace platform that markets products ranging from culinary, fashion, beauty, and others. Ayokece has a mission to build the entrepreneurial spirit of the nation’s children who are creative and willing to fight for their business. Its main vision is to become the number 1 industrial marketplace that sells local Indonesian products. Ayokece has also collaborated a lot with organizations such as Millennial Cinta Budaya and SRITA (Srikandi Indigenous Peoples of the Archipelago) where Icha is the General Chair, and others. Ayokece will embrace as many local MSMEs as possible and provide a platform to develop the nation’s original product businesses so that they do not lose out in competition with foreign products.

In this Ayokece application, it not only makes it easier for users to buy products, but also to sell products at the same time. Ayokece provides convenience and speed in finding the products or items needed, without having to leave the house and move places. If you join Ayokece, then another advantage provided is the opportunity for income for each user in the form of passive income. By inviting friends, brothers, sisters, and relatives to install and use the Ayokece application, users can get a profit of 1% to 10 depths (marketing fee) from every transaction made by users who are registered as their network.

Other businesses, such as Aksea Property under PT Anugerah Kembang Sejahtera, which focuses its business on property and smart homes, Icha collaborates with his sister. Currently, among others, as a distributor of several smart home products, such as lights or electrical goods that can be regulated or controlled using a cellphone. So even though you are far from home, you can still control your home, working with Asto smartphone. Also as a property agent or buying and selling property such as shop houses, apartments, land etc.

Also the food & beverage (F&B) business under PT Innovation Cipta Harta Abadi or abbreviated as ICHA, with the brand Supreme pH8+, and Moel Coffee. In collaboration with his 5th younger brother, Chef Lucky Suherman, as its Director. Moel Coffee, which is planned to be franchised, namely Warung Kopi Nusantara with a contemporary concept, is hoped that millennial children with coffee and coffee will unite their differences. The best seller coffee served is Palm Sugar Coffee & Fried Rogurt Bread. And, Icha has just re-established PT Damai Utama Indonesia Trusted (DUIT), which focuses on becoming a ROBOT distributor which will be launched in December 2021.

Active Organizations to Help Others

Concern for others, especially small entrepreneurs, as well as concern for the state of the nation and society, which cannot be denied, are still struggling to achieve prosperity, inspire Icha’s enthusiasm to do something. He wants to help as many people as possible to achieve success in life. Because he knows, there is so much potential and wealth that our nation can explore and develop. He wants to lift, accompany, provide support with all the resources he has. Therefore, through the organizations he follows, he is sure that he can contribute significantly to the nation and state.

As currently, Icha is active in the Indonesian CEO Community, Moeldoko Center, Millennial Love Culture and SRITA (Srikandi Indigenous Peoples of the Archipelago). Indonesian CEO. Icha initiated the formation of the Indonesian CEO Community in 2016 which started from the WhatsApp Group community, consisting of Directors and Commissioners of various companies in the country. The members, which currently have more than 2,000 people, who are successful entrepreneurs from various ethnic groups, religions and different races, as well as various types of companies, have the same vision and mission, namely to unite, synergize and collaborate for the development of their respective companies. -each.

Thus, it can make a positive contribution, both thoughts, energy and materials for the economic progress of the nation and the Republic of Indonesia, as well as being able to compete in the era of globalization. The Indonesian CEO community which is under the auspices of the Global CEO Indonesia Foundation has the spirit and character of Creative, Empowerment and Optimistic, in each of its members. CEO Indonesia is an association of Directors and Commissioners, which aims to build independent and creative entrepreneurship for the progress of the Indonesian nation and state, so that they are able to compete at the international level.

To achieve this, several steps have been prepared by the CEO of Indonesia, starting from synergizing with stakeholders including government, academics, entrepreneurs and other elements, creating entrepreneurial opportunities and creating jobs, providing training and entrepreneurship education, optimizing the competitive advantage of Indonesian entrepreneurs in global competition and founded the CEO Academy. Not only supported by successful entrepreneurs who have the status of Director or Commissioner in a company, the CEO Indonesia Foundation is also supported by great people.

Starting from the Board of Trustees chaired by General TNI (Ret.) Moeldoko (Chief of Presidential Staff of the Republic of Indonesia) whose members include Bambang Soesatyo (Chairman of the MPR RI), Prof, Rhenald Kasali Ph.D (President Commissioner of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero)), Commissioner – Commissioner of Gajah Tunggal Group, Commissioner of PT Kawan Lama Sejahtera, etc., and Chairman of the Advisory Board by DR. Dewi Motik Pramono, MSi., which consists of Paulus I Nugroho (Managing Director & Marketing Director of PT Santos Jaya Abadi – Kapal Api Global), Rudi Eko (Managing Director of PT. Sinar Niaga Sejahtera – Garudafood Group), etc.

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Now the development of Indonesian CEOs has reached foreign countries such as Australia, China, Malaysia, and America. While domestically, it already has branches in Bali, East Java, Central Java, West Java, and in each group there are already ministers and ambassadors. The main goal, according to Icha, is to be united and jointly attack local brands abroad, and to support each other.

Not only about business, CEO Indonesia is also active in various humanitarian philanthropic activities. Like some time ago, holding social service activities (baksos), by distributing basic necessities to Jakarta residents affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. In collaboration with many volunteers, a total of 10,000 food packages distributed assistance, 5,000 packages of which were distributed in collaboration with Jokowi’s National Secretariat and Solidarity Merah Putih (Solmet). The assistance came from members of the CEO of Indonesia and other sponsors.

Icha hopes that the assistance can ease the economic burden of the affected residents. Moreover, the world and national economies are experiencing a slowdown due to the pandemic. There are at least 12 communities that are involved in collaborating to distribute aid, including the disabled community, the online motorcycle taxi (ojol) community, small traders, housewives, and the housemaid community. From April, the CEO of Indonesia also assisted the Government in accelerating the vaccination process. Icha also thanked Dr. dr. Maxi Rein Rondonuwu, DHSM, MARS (Directorate General of the Ministry of Health) and the team who always support the CEO of Indonesia in helping prepare health workers and other facilities and infrastructure.


Moeldoko Center

Established in February 2021 and inaugurated on July 8, 2021, to coincide with the birthday of General TNI (Ret.) Moeldoko, who currently serves as the Presidential Chief of Staff (KSP).

“Born from a community movement, which consists of an association of all elements of society who support Mr. Moeldoko, to give encouragement and be at the forefront of defending Mr. Moeldoko. Because we need him, a former General Commander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces, who always inspires, is not corrupt, has a good track record, is nationalist, humble, brave, defends the nation and the state to always accompany the President to maintain the integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia, making Indonesia progress towards a golden Indonesia, ” said Icha who was lined up as General Chair.

Moeldoko Center has a very noble vision, namely Towards a Golden Indonesia Era with Brilliance, with the mission: Helping the success of Government programs; Realizing a just and prosperous society; Strengthening the unity and integrity of the Nation; Fostering and developing MSMEs; and Explore and develop the potential of the millennial generation. The Moeldoko Center Community Service and Assistance Command Post has been established at 38 points throughout the archipelago. The Secretariat Office is located at World Trade Center I Lt. 18, Jl. Gen. Sudirman, South Jakarta.

Even though it has just been established, there have been quite a number of useful activities carried out, including: more zooming activities such as August 17th, during the Youth Pledge to make a collective prayer pledge, on Hero’s Day sowing flowers, and some time ago House Renovation in the Serang Banten area, for -divided 2,000 Ivermectin packages at a time when there were many victims due to the pandemic some time ago, as well as routine pilgrimage tours with Ust. Zaky Mubarok and Abah Entus Thumbs Up.

Even recently, together with the CEO of Indonesia, they made a company visit to the Electronic Factory of PT Arisamandiri Pratama, which is located in Demak Regency, Central Java. According to Icha, at that time, Mr. Moeldoko was very proud and amazed by local production, which in addition to being able to compete with imported products, the domestic company had also helped the Government to provide jobs.

“We really appreciate the presence of Mr. Moeldoko at this company visit. Since he became the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the CEO of Indonesia, the problems we face in the business world have been resolved. We are also very proud of Mr. Choppy Tan, President Director of PT Arisa, to be a part of CEO Indonesia. Unexpectedly in the midst of a pandemic, PT Arisa every week exports 250 containers of electronic products, so the name Made in Indonesia is increasingly known in Asia, America and Europe. So indeed our goal is networking or networking. In Indonesia, CEOs come from all kinds of industrial fields, with this networking, we can develop our business and even bring our products overseas,” said Icha, who is always eager to do positive activities with Indonesian CEOs such as company trips, company visits and networking.

Millennials Love Culture

Millennial Love Culture (MCB) is a millennial association that cares about the existence, preservation, and is actively promoting Indonesian culture. MCB was formed in 2020 ago, a community that seeks to become the main reference for Indonesia’s young generation in realizing their awareness and love for Indonesian culture.

As Chairman of MCB, Icha emphasized that although it had only been established for one year, many members from all corners of Indonesia had joined, including those from abroad. Active members of MCB range in age from 17 to 40 years. MCB has a goal to build a cultural network throughout Indonesia. For example, weaving from any area, such as from NTT, can be used by anyone from another area, and vice versa, angklung or karawitan, can be played by NTT people.

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Millennial Love Culture was formed to maintain, promote, and develop Indonesia’s best heritage in all fields, especially related to Indonesian cultural and historical heritage. MCB has a special mission for Indonesian millennials, so that they not only recognize Indonesia’s rich historical heritage, but also apply it and share contributions in everyday life.

SRITA (Srikandi Indigenous Peoples of the Archipelago)

Is a women’s association from the MATRA (Indigenous Peoples of the Archipelago) organ. This association is also to preserve the cultural customs of the palaces and kings.

Inspirational Figure

There are two main figures who really inspire Icha in running her life and business. Namely, his beloved mother, who he usually calls Mami and DR. Dewi Motik Pramono, MSi who is usually called Mother. Both of them are the main role models and greatly influence Icha’s career journey.

“Mami motivates me to succeed. I hope to make Mami proud and happy for the success that I have achieved. Mami is the most meaningful person, a place to vent and spill all complaints ranging from personal problems to all kinds of obstacles that must be faced while building a business. Mami is also enthusiastic and I want to prove to Mami that I can be successful, so that Mami is proud to have a child like me. Mami is very attentive and detailed, down to the little things, and some time ago Mami had a fairly serious illness and Alhamdulillah, she has recovered, making me closer and wanting to always spend my time with Mami,” Icha whispered, touched.

Icha also felt the support of her beloved mother when she decided to convert to Islam last August. “Anyway, whatever Mami wants, I want to always be able to fulfill it because there must be luck from Allah SWT, right, I also happened to be a new convert last August, Mami is very supportive and very supportive.”

Meanwhile, in pursuing a career and social interaction, including how to dress, Icha is greatly influenced by the figure of DR. Dewi Motik Pramono, MSi who is usually called Mother. “My mother taught me how to give speeches, dress, dress, etc., so that in the organization I lead, a family atmosphere and atmosphere are built. Incidentally, I also like kebaya, because wearing a kebaya makes me feel more confident and looks elegant. Mother has a strong commitment to worship, has a firm personality, is enthusiastic, and always provides opportunities for the young people,” said Icha, who recently received the title and name of Kanjeng Raden Ayu (KRAy) Sekar Kirana who was confirmed as Chairman of the DPP. Heroine of the Indigenous Peoples of the Archipelago (SRITA).

Togetherness with the Main Children

Joy and happiness with beloved children is the most memorable moment in Icha’s life. The figure behind the glory of PT Louise and Chelsea Indonesia (LNC), which is engaged in health and beauty care for men and women, always has a pleasant impression when spending time with his children.

As a mother, Icha always enjoys extraordinary events when she sees her children excel. These events not only bring meaningful meaning to their lives, but can become experiences and memories that will always be remembered by children in living every stage of life. Like when you see your baby take part in a mother and child fashion show competition. At that moment, Icha and Louise, her son managed to win.

Also when his second child won the championship during the Kartini Day commemoration. She sang the song Ibu Kita Kartini and came home with a trophy. The next pride, when the third child recently won the National Primary School Champion. Icha feels grateful and proud because in the midst of busy doing business and financing her three beautiful daughters, they have succeeded in making achievements that make her touched and motivated to continue to provide warmth in the family.

Icha’s biggest hope, which is always kept for her beloved baby, is that one day they can live independently and not depend on others. Has a proud achievement and is able to make the nation proud. They can make achievements according to their respective abilities, go international with the best achievements and make Indonesia proud.

Because of that, Icha didn’t waste quality time with children when she got the chance. For example, when a vacation with children to Bali becomes the most memorable thing and a beautiful memory is unforgettable. In addition, when visiting relatives in Australia to share happiness and resolve longing. Memories of traveling to Singapore will never be forgotten when children just have a passport and get the opportunity to travel abroad.

Meanwhile, when spending time at home, Icha and the children often dance together, open Tiktok, Zumba and exercise together. During the current pandemic, he and the children often spend time cooking their favorite foods such as Fried Bread with various creative variations.

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