Meet and Great, TNI Major General Joko Warsito Visits the SMSI Headquarters

JAKARTA – The Chief of Staff of the Regional Joint Operations Command II, Major General (Mayjen) Joko Warsito visited the head office of the Indonesian Cyber ​​Media Union, Jalan Veteran II No. 7 C, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (22/12).

The General chairperson of the SMSI, Firdaus, accompanied by the chairperson of the SMSI Council of Experts who was also the Deputy Chair of the Press Council, Hendry CH Bangun greeted Joko, who get accompanied by Eko Sriyanto Galgendu,.

Also attending the occasion was Bernadus Wilson Lumi as the Head of Data Collection and Verification of the Central SMSI.

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This meeting is about old friends between Major General Joko Warsito and Firdaus.

It has established the friendship between the two since Joko served as DanRem 064 / Maulana Yusuf Banten, and Firdaus served as the Chairperson of the Banten Province PWI.

In this gathering to the SMSI secretariat, Major General Joko gave his appreciation and hoped that SMSI could become a forum to tell the truth for cyber media in Indonesia.

“I am optimistic that the strength of SMSI with a network of thousands of media can help the government, the TNI, in maintaining the values ​​of national unity and unity. Because the press is the fourth pillar in a democratic country, ” explained the Head of the Gema 86 Foundation.

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Major General Joko also hopes that SMSI can help government programs in preventing the spread of false information, aka hoaxes.

“I hope it that SMSI can contribute information that is fast, precise and accurate,” said Major General Joko, who is also the General Chair of the Indonesian Triathlon Federation (FTI).

The General Chairperson of SMSI, Firdaus, thanked Major General Joko for the visit. He hopes that this visit can strengthen the synergy of SMSI and the government, the TNI.

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“SMSI with thousands of cyber media networks spread throughout Indonesia has made up their minds to help the government, in preventing the spread of hoax information,” he explained.

Firdaus added that they expect this friendship to continue and will not be timeless and timeless. Said Firdaus.

At the end of the visit, the Ketum SMSI invited Major General Joko to tour the head office. Major General Joko also took a photo at the table of the Minister of Information in the era of President Soeharto. (sam / yon / ris)