South Kalimantan One Step Closer Receive Outstanding Achievement

BANJARBARU – Head of the South Kalimantan Communication and Information Service, Gusti Yanuar Noor Rifai, said that the South Kalimantan Provincial Government is one step away from receiving a prestigious award from the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform.

This year the South Kalimantan Provincial Government is again taking part in a competition to win the Outstanding Achievement Category, where this category is for the Top 10 winners in 2018 and 2019.

“Based on the results of the assessment, South Kalimantan is one step further towards Outstanding Achievement in the 2020 National Public Service Complaints Competition,” said the Head of South Kalimantan Kominfo, in Banjarmasin, Thursday (29/10) afternoon.

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According to him, the competition is entering the presentation and interview stage, which is planned to be held on November 9.

He added, based on the letter of the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform Number B / 237 / PP 03/2020 regarding the evaluation results of the evaluation of public service complaint management competition documents in 2020, the South Kalimantan Provincial Government is the only province that has entered the interview stage.

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As is known, the South Kalimantan Provincial Government has taken part in the Public Service Complaint competition for the 3rd time, where in 2018 the South Kalimantan Provincial Government was included in the Top 25 and in 2019 won the Anggakara Birawa award.

In a separate place, the Acting Regional Secretary of South Kalimantan Province, Roy Rizali Anwar, expressed his congratulations and appreciation for performing regional work units in the ranks that continue to spur performance achievements. One of them is from the Communication and Information Technology Office.

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“The South Kalimantan Provincial Government will continue to encourage SKPD with achievements and have brought up regional government institutions, both on a local, national and international scale,” explained Secretary Roy, while expressing gratitude for the achievements achieved by Diskominfo.

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