Suspects of Alleged Corruption of Grant Funds at KONI Banjarbaru Still a Mystery

BANJARBARU – Until now, the Banjarbaru District Prosecutor’s Office (Kejari) has not yet named a suspect in the alleged corruption case of grant funds at the Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) in Banjarbaru City.

Allegations of corruption in the 2018 KONI grant from Banjarbaru City with a total of IDR 6.7 billion. This case stems from the community, related to the budget that is not in accordance with the activities carried out by KONI.

Previously reported by – the group, the development of the 2018 grant fund corruption case, had entered the stage of investigating and summoning 40 witnesses along with evidence of Rp. 9 million in cash, in November 2019.

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This case is a legacy from the previous Head of Special Crimes (Tipidsus), Mahardika Prima W. Rosady, to the new Head of Tipidsus, Yandi Primananda.

Despite having entered the investigation stage for a long time, the determination of the suspect has not yet been carried out. So it is not known who was involved in the alleged corruption of the grant funds.

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Head of Tipidsus Yandi Primananda when confirmed via WhatsApp message, on Friday (02/10/2020) said that the Banjarbaru KONI case was still in the process of the investigation stage. “The case is still in process,” he said.

He stressed that the investigation into the alleged corruption case of the KONI Banjarbaru grant is still ongoing. It’s just that until now it has not been entered in the stage of determining a suspect.

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Meanwhile, the Head of the Intel Kejari Banjarbaru, Agung Wijayanto, when confirmed via WhatsApp message, also said the same thing. “Because it is still in the investigation stage, I cannot comment yet,” he said.

Furthermore, when asked whether there were additional witnesses and evidence, Agung did not answer further. So what is the reason that the Banjarbaru Prosecutor’s Office has not been able to determine a suspect after 1 year of investigating this case?