Anang Fadhilah Launches Meratus Soul of Borneo Album, Comes in Blues Format

Anang Fadhilah, who works as a journalist in Banjarmasin City, released her latest album entitled Meratus Soul of Borneo. After 30 years of fasting from playing music, because of his busy schedule as a journalist for the daily newspaper Barito Post and Making his desire to make music stop.

Now he is 57 years old. Anang Fadhilah released a new song. “After almost 26 years of being a journalist, I feel like I need a break and relaxation to explore my old hobbies of singing and playing music. “Even though my voice is mediocre, I am determined to write songs and create works,” emphasized the Chief Editor of Barito Post, Saturday (27/4/2024).

Anang, who is also the Chair of the South Kalimantan Indonesian Cyber ​​Media Union (SMSI), said that there were 10 songs he created on the album Meratus Soul of Borneo with a pop-blues genre musical nuance.

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For Anang, this first album feels very special because his younger brother Erfansyah Anandata (Hiatus Mantra Band), a musician from Malang City, took part in producing it.

The four songs launched by Anang Fadhilah, namely, Meratus Soul of Borneo, Subuh, Bekal Diri, Muhasabah, etc., are expected to be accepted by the public.

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To hear the song, please click :


Anang Fadhilah