Badiuzzaman Mosque in Medan

Badiuzzaman Mosque - An old and a unique mosquen in Medan City

Medan – If you want to see old and unique buildings, just come to Medan City. There are many historic building in the north Sumatera and one of them is Badiuzzalam Mosque. Reported by as siberindo group

Built in 1885 and has unique stone arrangement by using white part from the egg, not using cement, made Badiuzzaman as a unique Mosque in Medan city

Imagine, how many thousand eggs needed to pasting stones?It is like Prambanan temple which used white part from egg too

If you want to see Badiuzzaman Surbakti Mosque, as an old and a unique building, just come to Jalan PDAM Sunggal No. 1 Medan city

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Badiuzzaman has been standing 60 years before Indonesia independence day in August, 17th 1945. Badiuzzaman is a witness of Indonesia heroes against Netherland colonialism and imperialism

Harhara Sembiring, citizen who lives close to Badiuzzman and understand the history of building, said that mosque named by Badiuzzaman Surbakti because inniatiated by King of Sunggal, Datuk Badiuzzman Surbakti.

“Datuk Badiuzzaman Surbakti is Karo tribe and King of Sunggal who always challenge Netherland colonialism” Sembiring said

Datuk Badiuzzaman used white egg because not allowed cement by Netherland government as consequence from Badiuzzman resistance to Netherland

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“So tha white egg used for pasting material in building mosque. Reputedly, there were thousand eggs needed for pasting sand, stone to build mosque” Harhara said

Badiuzzaman used to a worship place and place for arranging strategy to resist colonialism.

“This mosque is a place for formulating war strategic of Sunggal Kingdom against Netherland” Harhara added

There were old cementery from family and Datuk Baduzzaman descendant meanwhile Datuk Badiuzzaman tomb is in Cianjur, West Java

“Netherland called Datuk Badiuzzaman to Cianjur to make agreement but Datuk won’t to negotiate with Netherland. Datuk Badiuzzaman departed to Cianjur untill the end of his life” Harhara Explained

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In the mosque tower, there is inscription that Great Mosque Datuk Badiuzzaman Surbakti built in 1885 M (1306 H) by Datuk Badiuzzaman Surbakti

Inside the mosque, there are four pillars from green wood. Mosque equiped by six green windows with yellow glasses

This unique mosque not only used for praying, but also one of tourism destination which always visited by local and international traveller