Parents Complaint to Medan Parliament Related to Face to Face Learning

Face to face learning - illustration

Medan – Group of parent complain to Medan Parliament relating to school request to parents for approving face to face learning in pandemic time.

One of parent admit that he gave a form to ask permission on face to face learning by applying health protocol for when he taking student report to school.

“How this happen?We are in pandemic time. Who will be responsible” He aske in line with complain to fulfil all obligation for following next semestre.   

Meanwhile, private school asked parents to approve permission form of face to face learning with official stamp. It is weird that there are not one word approval from school foundation, Medan government or Medan Education official office

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Those are complaints adress to member of Nasdem Fraction, Antonius Devolis Tumanggor in Sunday (10/01)

Lot of parents worry about Covid-19 transmission when face to face learning apply. Who will be responsible when their children contracted by Covid-19

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Responding to people complaint, Antonius Tumanggor urge Medan Education Official office to sent official letter to prohibit school in running face to face learning without education office approval.

“If there were desparate, just withdraw operational permission because Covid-19 pandemic became multi complex case” Antonius said

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Antonius also asked education official office to take clear decision by sending official letter wether online learning executed or not. This step to eliminate parents restlesness with pandemic time that never know when ended