English Essay Poetry Web Launched

Jakarta – Chairman of Satupena Denny JA said it was time for the work of the nation’s children to go international by introducing our culture to the international community. “To get there, there is no other way but to translate it into English.

It’s time for the work of the nation’s children to go international,” said Denny JA at the launch of the Poetry Essay Web in English, Monday (27/9/2021) According to Denny JA, there are four special things in this newly launched Poetry Essay Web.

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First, the Poetry Essay Web is an example of the birth of a new genre in literature, from nothing, now a work with more than 150 books of essay poetry. All of these books were written by more than 200 poets, writers, activists, scientists and even politicians. The poetry essay, which was first published in the book “In the Name of Love” (Denny JA, 2012), has even officially become a new word in the Indonesian dictionary since May 2020.

Second, this Essay Poetry Web is not only available in the form of textbooks, but also in the form of animated videos, and films. Five of Denny JA’s poetry essays including “Discrimination Issues” have been filmed by Hanung Bramantyo.

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Third, the Poetry Essay Web, which was born in Indonesia, is now starting to go international. Marked by the publication of poetry and essay books written by poets from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand to Brunei Darussalam.

“Now the ASEAN essay poetry community has been formed, led by Datuk Jasni Matlani from Malaysia,” said Denny JA. He is also the initiator of the poetry essay and has received an ASEAN level award from Malaysia.

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Fourth, books, animated videos and films based on poetry and essays have also been translated into English. The number of poetry essay books that have been translated into English are 39 books. The remaining 119 books are still in Indonesian.

“Meanwhile, 13 poetry essay films and 43 animated videos have also been shown with English subtitles,” concluded Denny JA.

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