Indonesian Cyber ​​Media Union (SMSI) Service for The Country

The National Press Day (HPN) event in 2021 has its own nuances compared to previous years. Moreover, it took place in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. For the Indonesian Cyber ​​Media Union (SMSI), this year is the first HPN event for cyber media company organizations after officially becoming a constituent of the Press Council.

SMSI, which has 1,224 members, the cyber media company commemorates HPN 2021, one of which is by carrying out social service activities which include the construction of roads and sanitation facilities for Bathing and Toileting (MCK) in Jaha Village, Pagar Agung Village, Walantaka District, Serang City, Banten.

“As a constituent organization of the Press Council, SMSI wants to bring new air in the 2021 National Press Day (HPN) so that it no longer focuses on cerimonial events, but jointly carries out activities that are beneficial to society,” said the General Chair of the SMSI Pusat, Firdaus, Sunday (7/2/2021). He said the road being built was a new road with a length of 750 meters and a width of 2.5 meters. “This is SMSI’s service for the country. Press community assistance for the community in commemoration of HPN. ” he said.

He explained that the construction of the road had begun several weeks ago, starting with land acquisition, land leveling and tree cutting.

“The implementation of the social project development is handled by SMSI Pusat and SMSI Banten Province which is closest to the project location and is fully supported by PT Dwi Ratna Putra.” he said. Apart from road construction, SMSI in the same location is also temporarily building 16 MCK units. These two social projects are also historical monuments of SMSI, which were founded on March 7, 2017. Tuesday, March 7, 2017 became a milestone for the world of the Indonesian press.

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That day, an institution which was later named SMSI was proclaimed by a number of administrators of the Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI) from various provinces in Indonesia. The formation of the SMSI was initiated by the Chairman of PWI Banten, at that time PWI Banten was led by Firdaus. With the proclamation of the establishment of the SMSI in Banten, it was followed by the support of PWI leaders throughout the country, by establishing the SMSI in their respective provinces. So, SMSI will become a national press organization that becomes a forum for entrepreneurs of the online press or cyber media. Now, 1,224 cyber media entrepreneurs have joined, including start-ups developing press businesses.

Three years running on 29 May 2020 SMSI was officially designated as a constituent of the Press Council with a Press Council Decree Number 22 / SK-DP / V / 2020 signed by the Chairman of the Press Council, Mohammad Nuh, 29 May 2020. With this stipulation, the number of constituents is to 10, namely the Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI), the Independent Journalist Alliance (AJI), the Indonesian Television Journalists Association (IJTI), the Press Publishers Union (SPS), the Indonesian National Private Broadcast Radio Association (PRSSNI), the Indonesian Local Television Association (ATVLI) , Indonesian Private Television Association (ATVSI), Indonesian Photo Journalist (PFI), Indonesian Cyber ​​Media Association (AMSI), and SMSI.

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According to the Press Council, with more than 1000 members of media companies, making SMSI the largest cyber media company organization in Indonesia, even Southeast Asia. In fact, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf), Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno named SMSI as the largest cyber media company organization in the world. For this reason, the SMSI National Working Meeting (RAKERNAS) 26-27 September 2020, at the Marbella Anyer Hotel, confirmed the organizational goals and the strengthening of the organization’s work programs. Then, it was formulated systematically, that the SMSI put the interests of the nation and state above the interests of its members and management.

For the first 5 years, SMSI divided the program into two main programs. First, the Inward Oriented Program (Internal). Second, the program with an outward orientation (external). Specifically for Internals, there are three internal priority programs, namely first, data collection and verification of members throughout Indonesia. Second, the years 2020 – 2021 prioritize the construction of SMSI infrastructure to cities and regencies throughout Indonesia; Third, strengthen the news room that connects cyber media networks in Indonesia.

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In order to realize the mandate of the National Working Meeting, with limitations amidst the Covid-19 pandemic storm, SMSI is moving to build as the largest news room in the country which was launched on October 10, 2020 in Bintaro, South Tangerang. Previously, and had been built.


Meanwhile, externally, according to the results of the National Meeting of the National Meeting on 26-27 September 2020, SMSI will place the interests of the nation and the state above the interests of its members and administrators. Related to this, SMSI divides externally oriented programs into three, namely: First, building relationships with all levels of government in order to strengthen the government order to achieve justice for all people. Second, building relationships with the business world and the press community as the SMSI community. Third, build and strengthen SMSI relations at the international level.

Regarding the priority of the SMSI program, in commemoration of HPN 2021, SMSI as a constituent of the Press Council participated in commemorating HPN by organizing a webinar in order to find a formulation for National Economic Recovery oriented towards Creative Economy Awakening as the basis for SMSI, a cyber media company organization. This webinar also involves HIPMI and tourism associations throughout Indonesia as audiences and speakers.