Taiwan Cultural Night, Showing off Women’s Economic Achievements and Gender Equality

This year’s “Taiwan Gender Equality Week” series of activities by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was held in New York, United States (US), in conjunction with the 68th UN Commision on the Status of Women (CSW) conference.

According to a press statement received by the Indonesian Cyber Media Union (SMSI) office, Tuesday (19/3), the highlight of the activity was the “Taiwan Main Stage and Taiwan Cultural Night”, which was held at the Taiwan representative office in New York on the evening of March 13, 2024 Eastern American time, with the theme “Fostering Women and Girls’ Financial Resiience”.

The forum was attended by Deputy Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Eswatini Thulisile Dladla, President of the Taiwan Finance and Banking Academy Hank C.C Huang, political figures from friendly countries, as well as representatives of international NGOs. They were present to deliver keynote speeches and participate in dialogues to address the international community. Various levels of society attended the event with very enthusiastic responses.

Head of Taiwan’s representative office in New York James K.J.Lee in his speech stated that Taiwan is a leader in promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment.

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Lee emphasized that Taiwan will continue to work with international partners to eliminate discriminatory laws, norms and social practices to increase women’s access to financial resources.

The Minister of Social Development and Gender of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Orando Brewster, said in a video recording that the “Women’s Empowerment Project” jointly promoted by Taiwan and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has helped women in his country develop professional and technical skills.

She thanked the “Loan Program to Help the Productive Sector and Women’s Enterprises” for supporting micro, small and medium women entrepreneurs in Belize and driving economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic.

President of the Taiwan Academy of Finance and Banking Hank C.C Huang who spoke on “Empowering Females Financial Well-Being from Girl to Women” introduced Taiwan’s success stories in empowering women economically through the concept of inclusive finance, thereby fostering women’s lasting independence and economic strength.

Outright International CEO Maria Sjodin said that Taiwan is full of democratic vitality and a leader in the field of gender equality, and its achievements exceeded the global and Asian average performance in 2021.

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This forum was co-sponsored by the Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Women’s Rights Promotion and Development Foundation, and invited Denise Scotto, vice president of the International Federation of Women in Legal Careers (FIFCJ), as moderator.

The forum was also attended by figures from various countries who are committed to promoting gender equality and was broadcast live on social media and YouTube of the Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

After the forum, “Yuanli Say Hi Home” co-founder Lin Xiupeng, “Longyuan Tea House” tea maker Fang Chien-ai and Pingtung County YWCA executive director Lin Chun-feng shared their stories of promoting local economic creation. These efforts have disrupted gender frameworks in work and financial participation, as well as decision making and other successful experiences.

Lin led participants to experience weaving, tea ceremony culture, and the singing and dancing of the Amis tribe, so that they understand how Taiwanese women use deep local cultural heritage to build a successful economic model. This experience is also expected to deepen the forum participants’ understanding of Taiwanese women in economic innovation.

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In addition, Taiwan’s international paper carving expert Hung Hsin-fu was specially invited to give an extraordinary paper art performance. Through the paper-cutting process, he introduced Taiwan’s unique biological species, diverse ethnic groups, festivals and customs to the participating guests, demonstrating the richness of Taiwan’s natural resources, as well as the diversity and cultural inclusion of Formosa Island.

The “Taiwan Main Stage and Taiwan Cultural Night” held on the evening of March 13, as part of the series of activities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ “Taiwan Gender Equality Week” were well received by international guests attending the event.A “Gender Innovation Night” was also held on March 14, inviting local communities of young women in New York to engage in dialogue to create more sustainable efforts to achieve gender equality. (*)