Association of Indonesian Travelers in South Kalimantan Hold 2024 Tourism Exhibition

BANJARMASIN – The Regional Leadership Council of the Indonesian Tourist Association of South Kalimantan Province (DPD ASPPERWI Kalsel) held a gathering and breaking the fast with management, members and their families at the Banjarmasin International Hotel, Saturday (23/3/2024).


Acting Chairperson of the South Kalimantan ASPPERWI DPD, Siti Aisyah, said that this activity was a friendship activity carried out by the South Kalimantan ASPPERWI DPD during the holy month of Ramadan 2024.

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“This gathering and breaking the fast together activity was the first to be held after the formation of ASPPERWI South Kalimantan,” said Siti.


The existence of ASPPERWI as an organization that oversees tourist travelers was formed in 2020. As a forum for tour organizers to help each other, exchange information. As well as working together to popularize the natural, cultural, historical and tourism potential throughout Indonesia.

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“ASPPERWI is responsible for the success and alignment of government programs in the tourism sector, based on the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia,” he explained.


During the fast breaking activity, the South Kalimantan ASPPERWI Regional Musda Committee was also formed and plans to hold a B2C event in Banjarmasin City. “South Kalimantan ASPPERWI will soon hold a Regional Conference and B2C Tourism Event which will be held in May 2024,” he said.

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ASPPERWI Travel Fair is a business to consumer or B2C exhibition that will accommodate all ASPPERWI members in South Kalimantan to sell or introduce products from popular tourist areas in Indonesia. Which will present selected Airlines, Hotels, Tour & Travel and Tourism Villages which will provide interesting programs during the exhibition.

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