The Junior and Senior Adult Champion of the Turtledove Voice Contest Won by Participants from Pangkalan Bun

Banjarmasin – The Kalimantan Regional Turtlefish sound art competition, which was held by the All Indonesia Turtledove Conservation Association (P3SI) in Banjarmasin City, was attended by participants who came from cities/districts in South Kalimantan and even Pangkalanbun, Central Kalimantan.

Approximately 195 perketuts with the best voices competed in the bull’s-eye field, Pekapuran Raya Banjarmasin City, Sunday (6/3/2022) was opened by the Chairperson of P3SI South Kalimantan, Drs Syarifudin. By presenting a national jury to assess the beauty of the art of the sound of the turtledove. In the event that provided dozens of door prizes in the form of washing machines, refrigerators, televisions, fans and other attractive prizes from the sponsors of the Nexton cigarette company from Sidoarjo City.

A turtledove belonging to Agus Pranajaya, a turtledove lover from Pangkalan Bun City, Central Kalimantan Province, won two prestigious titles, first place at the adult and senior levels.

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To this media reporter, Agus said he was satisfied and gave his appreciation to the committee who acted professionally in the Kalimantan Regional competition in 2022 by presenting qualified judges Adi Purwanto (national jury) and Rudy (Supervisory Board). “The implementation of the competition is very good, fair play, so that the participants are satisfied and happy,” he said.

The lesson from this victory is that Agus’ turtledove, which wins the senior and junior classes, has an increased selling price. “This champion bird has already bid for this, but we will release it for Rp. 25 million for the junior bird and Rp. 50 million for the senior turtle,” he said.

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The chairman of the South Kalimantan P3SI, Drs Syarifudin, seemed pleased with the Kalimantan Regional competition event held by the Banjarmasin P3SI. “The world of healing in South Kalimantan is starting to get excited again and the community has responded positively, as evidenced by every competition event. The number of participants continues to increase, this is a breath of fresh air for the turtledove sound art lovers and breeders who are flooded with purchases,” he said.

Syarifudin said the turtle turtle competition event, apart from being a hobby, also increased tourism enthusiasm and also had an impact on the South Kalimantan economy. “More and more competitions will certainly excite the turtledove breeders in South Kalimantan,” he said.

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The chairman of P3SI Banjarmasin Anwar Setiawan who has been in the world of turtledove since 1995 is also optimistic that the prestige of the South Kalimantan turtledove will increase. “We are grateful that every competition event the participants’ enthusiasm increases. This is a positive thing,” he said.

Anwar said, as turtledove lovers are getting more and more passionate, his party continues to encourage novice turtledove fans in Banjarmasin City. According to Anwar, currently there are 500 turtledove cages belonging to P3SI members who are starting to get excited about welcoming new turtle turtle lovers. “With a good event, it will certainly raise the prestige of turtledove lovers in South Kalimantan,” he said.
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