Again, doctor in Riau Died Because Exposed by Covid-19

dr. Fransiskus Hamido - Siberindo

Pekanbaru – Riau Province in grieve. Dr. Dr. Fransiskus Hamido Hutauruk, an obsestric doctor in Regional Hospital of Pekanbaru (Arifin Ahmad), died at 04.10 pm because Covid-19 after treated for more than two weeks

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Head of Arifin Achmad Hospital, dr Nuzelly Nusnedi confirmed the news. “Hutauruk died in about 04.10 pm of West Indonesia Time not because handling covid-19 patient”

Nuzelly did not sure where Hutauruk got virus because there is one of the departed famiy exposed by virus. The death of Hutauruk increased number of doctor in Pekanbaru who exposed by Covid-19

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Before Hutauruk death, there were Oki Alfian bin Alamsyah, Head of Public Health Centre in Gunung Sahilan, Kampar District and Jon Andi Jainal as doctor Public Health Centre in Air Tris

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