Curug Bu’ud, NiagaraWaterfall Miniature In Sumedang

Curug Bu'ud - Niagara Miniature In Sumedang

Sumedang – Bu’ud Waterfall (Curug Bu’ud) is one of tourism destination in Sukatani Village, Tanjungkerta sub-district in Sumedang district. Curug Bu’ud always called as little Niagara waterfall

Sumedang government will improve road to tourism location due to landslide intensity around site.

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Sumedang Regent, Dony Ahmad Amir, along with his groups, felt grateful when visiting Curug Bu’ud directly and saw beatiful scenary at the site.

“Some come from Bandung directly to see natural scenary. Here, we can see Niagara miniature” Dony said, Thursday (29/10)

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Dony promote visitong Curug Bu’ud to people by walking through rice field footpath and cross the river with clear water and preserved natural circumstance

“Please visit Curug Bu’ud in Sukatani village at Tanjungmedar sub-district. I guaranteed will enjoy our eyes with stunning scenary” as dani said to onediginews as part of group

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