February 2022, Tabalong Hosts Musprov IMI South Kalimantan

BANJARBARUThe provincial working meeting (Rakerprov) of the Indonesian Motor Association (IMI) South Kalimantan which was held at the IMI Secretariat of South Kalimantan, Jalan Mistar Cokrokusumo Sungai Besar, Banjarbaru, Saturday (3/7/2021). Agreeing on several points including, Tabalong Regency will host the Provincial Conference (Musprov) in February 2022.

“The results of the provincial meeting and agreed with 52 member clubs of IMI South Kalimantan, it was agreed that it would hold the Musprov in Tabalong in February 2022,” said Secretary of IMI South Kalimantan A Rivani.

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Rakerprov activity itself also discussed several work programs, even though the pandemic was still hitting. South Kalimantan IMI Rakerprov was attended by the Head of the South Kalimantan Provincial Youth and Sports Service (Kadispora), Hermansyah, the Chair of the South Kalimantan IMI Rakerprov Committee, Muhammad Solikin, the South Kalimantan IOF chairperson Hariadi, the Banjarbaru Regional Secretariat Expert Staff Mutia and 59 representatives of the South Kalimantan IMI motorcycle and car club.

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Chairperson of IMI South Kalimantan Edy Sudarmadi emphasized that IMI South Kalimantan will continue to program and plan several activities in the remaining few months of this year, by adjusting the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic. Also, no less important is that IMI South Kalimantan is preparing automotive programs and events, automotive tourism for 2022.

“We are optimistic that we will achieve the best. IMI South Kalimantan prepares 4 racers who have attended training at JPOK. To take part in national events in Jakarta,” said Edy.

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The Head of the South Kalimantan Dispora Hermansyah said that, related to his achievements, his party will try to develop automotive sports in the South Kalimantan region with the South Kalimantan IMI. “The provincial meeting is a motivation to achieve achievements in the automotive sports sector and will continue to be carried out while still complying with health protocols,” he said.

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