South Kalimantan Motorcycle Racing Athletes Target Gold Medals at PON Papua

BANJARBARU– Four South Kalimantan racers are ready to take part in the XX 2021 Papua National Sports Week (PON). The event this time is not just to appear, but is targeted to present a gold medal. So far, the South Kalimantan Indonesian Motor Association (IMI) has prepared four racers who will take part in the 2021 PON XX in Papua.

They were Hendra Rusadi (Tala) and Abian (Banjarbaru) for the individual category above the age of 20 years, Adieta Herianoor (Balangan) and Muhammad Noor (Tala) in the individual and team categories under the age of 20 years.

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“The South Kalimantan racers are ready to go to PON Papua. For motorcycle racing, it will be held in Marauke,” said the Head of IMI South Kalimantan, Edi Sudarmadi to the Barito Post, Saturday (11/9/2021) in Banjarbaru.

Before leaving for PON, he continued, all athletes underwent an effective training camp for two months. “The racers are quarantined at the IMI Secretariat of South Kalimantan and continue to be trained in physical and technical training. For physical exercise in the morning, athletes are handled by JPOK FKIP ULM Banjarmasin. Meanwhile, the technical training portion is centered in the South Kalimantan Governor’s Office area, Jalan Trikora Banjarbaru,” he explained.

The South Kalimantan motorcycle racing team, he continued, also held an official practice at the Marido Circuit, Kasiau Village, Tabalong Regency. “With the preparations that have been undertaken, now the focus is on being the best. Of course, with the target of the Papua PON gold medal, “he said.

Gold medal chances, according to him, all athletes have the same opportunity. All PON contestants use Yamaha brand factory standard specifications. “It’s just a matter of skill and mental readiness that will support us to come out as a winner. Hopefully the South Kalimantan drivers can do the best for Banua,” he said.

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