There Are 521 Recovered Covid-19 Patients in Riau at October 19th

Daily Report of Corona Virus Number Cases in Indonesia

Pekanbaru – There are 3.373 new corona virus cases in Indonesia, Monday (19/10) and total Covi-19 cases in Indonesia is 365.240 cases.

In Riau Province, there are 197 new cases and this figure made total number of corona virus cases in Riau became 11.839 cases.

According to Official Office of Health Ministry of Republic Indonesia, it is reported 3.919 recover patients and this number made total number of recover cases to 289.243 cases

In Riau, there are 521 recover patients and total number recover patients became 7.456 people.

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Meanwhile, there are 106 new died people cases and this number made total number of died people cases became 12.617 cases.

In Riau, there are 4 died cases and total figures of died people became 267 cases

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