The Indonesian Motorcycle Association South Kalimantan, Prepares Events in the Pandemic Era

BanjarbaruChairperson of the South Kalimantan Indonesian Motorcycle Association (IMI Kalsel) Ir H Eddy Sudarmadi revealed that several racing programs and events have been prepared, including a mass vaccine with a target of 1,000 participants to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic that is still afflicting.

“IMI South Kalimantan has prepared a motorcycle racing event program, including increasing social touring activities oriented to the tourism sector in order to promote tourist destinations in the region and many other things,” he said after the gathering of IMI South Kalimantan management, Saturday night. (12/6/2021).

The former chairperson of the Harley Davidson Club Indonesia (HDCI) South Kalimantan for the past two terms said, IMI South Kalimantan has made regulations, and overseeing the course of automotive sports.

“Including tourism programs and taking part in creating traffic safety and order on the highway to the community and in particular for all motor sport fans,” he said.

Of course, to help the government and raise the name of South Kalimantan through its tourism, here the role of IMI South Kalimantan is in synergy with the goals of the South Kalimantan Provincial Government. Besides carrying out social touring activities, IMI Kalsel also develops the creative industry sector in the tourism sector. Several IMI South Kalimantan programs in the pandemic era have been prepared, including non-attendance events, two-wheeled and four-wheeled competitions.

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“The 2021 program is in the tourism sector, driving does not involve crowds, gatherings in the open, etc.,” he said.

Eddy said, automotive competitions do not always have to gather the masses.

“We are designing a competition without an audience that is covered by Youtubers with live streaming,” explained Edy.

South Kalimantan continued, this successful entrepreneur also has several content creators who have quite a lot of followers on social media.

“By cooperating with them, the activities held by IMI Kal-Sel can reach a wider community,” he said.

This energetic man also has an obsession in South Kalimantan to build a representative venue or circuit for two- and four-wheel motorcycle competitions. The existence of the venue will have many benefits, especially encouraging the emergence of racing athletes in South Kalimantan. Because they channel talent, besides solving reduce illegal racing actions that are often carried out by young people in Banua.

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“In fact, we have the desire to have an area for automotive sports or a large multi-functional parking area. In this multi-functional area, they can later use it for racing and automotive events. It could also be for joint apple activities by government agencies,” he said.

Eddy said, South Kalimantan has the potential for reliable and capable racers who often take part in national and even international level racing competitions. For this reason, the need for a representative venue or parking area is a necessity. Even for the 2021 PON event in Papua, IMI South Kalimantan is optimistic that it can donate medals for South Kalimantan. Because IMI South Kalimantan has quite good drivers. Meanwhile, the Board of Trustees of IMI South Kalimantan H Sutarto hopes that IMI South Kalimantan will continue to move forward and improve its activities.

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“IMI South Kalimantan must remain in the top five in its sports achievements,” he hoped.

Sutarto also welcomed the idea of ​​building a multi-function venue or parking area in South Kalimantan. Because the existence of a representative circuit will stimulate the emergence of new athletes in South Kalimantan. I said the same thing, the Daily Chair of the IMI South Kalimantan Kombes Pol. Widiatmoko, IMI South Kalimantan must be more advanced, have more achievements, increase activities, be more orderly in the administration of its membership and continue to strengthen the friendship line, accompanied by the chairperson of IMI South Kalimantan H Eddy Sudarmadi. Widi said, several activities of the South Kalimantan IMI were prepared, for example, welcoming the anniversary of Bhayangkara there would be road races, rally tours, social services, etc.

“IMI South Kalimantan with strict procedures continues to move, encouraging the improvement of its athletes’ achievements,” he said.

writer: Anang Fadhilah