BANJARMASIN – Duta Grooming CEO Cici Asmawaty SE MIP MM said, Duta Grooming, which he started, is a training place to shape a person’s perfect personality and external and internal appearance. “A good appearance comes from within and from outside. From the outside, attitude, smile and so on. Internal appearance is more than etiquette. “How do we communicate with other people, how to make our appearance attractive with a good personal impression,” he explained, Saturday (2/3/2024).

Cici Asmawatiy SE., M.IP., MM is not only a lecturer and serves as deputy chairman of 3 STIA bina Banua Banjarmasin hopes, that through personality training at Duta Grooming, someone will have a superior and professional appearance and personality. “We will share about appearance. How to look attractive. Sticky smile, pleasant personality. “Continue to add to how to dress, choose the color of clothes and make up,” said Cici, the grooming ambassador is the First personal color analyst in Kalimantan who is internationally certified from the 4×4 color system by Ferial, USA and is also an alumni of the First WOW Color style Academy by Oya Miranti Jakarta.

Duta Grooming want to create a person who has an attractive appearance and is smart in choosing colors. “A good personal impression can have a positive impact on the person, environment, work and even as a wife to her husband,” he said.

What is personal grooming and personal color? In short, personal and personal grooming is the way we dress and choose make-up and clothes colors that suit the place we will work in the professional world. So, here the Grooming Ambassador wants to share 3 tips that you can use to improve your personal grooming and personal color.

Wear a professional style of dress. Professionals here don’t always wear suits, ties or blazers. In essence, create a neat impression and build the perception that we are ready to provide material/insight to clients. Adding a few accessories is also interesting, don’t overdo it.

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Hair care is an important part of personal grooming. Hair is one of the prominent things that is our crown. Appearing with neat and clean hair will be an additional point for your appearance.

Clean and care for all parts of your body. Starting from diligently cutting your nails, or doing skin and facial care.

Indeed, now we have to pay attention to the smallest aspects of our bodies in order to feel comfortable and become more confident. So, apart from personal grooming, we also need things called personal branding and personal value.

Wow, what else are these two things? Simply put, personal branding is a way that we can show our greatness in something. This is different from the meaning of arrogance, because personal branding aims to show our capabilities so that companies will accept us. For example, making a work portfolio, updating the work we create on various social media, getting acquainted with networking in various places, and various other things!

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Well, finally there is personal value. Isn’t it useless if someone is great and smart but doesn’t have good qualities to support it? Therefore, personal values are important, because a person must have various things to support us at work. For example, there is integrity, honesty, never giving up, good time management, and other traits that have a positive impact on both the team and the individual themselves at work.


A person’s appearance that looks attractive is what is judged. The style or model of the clothes is good and certainly suits the place. The color of the clothes, the accessories are makeup, the etiquette and his speaking style.

Cici Asmawatiy he is also the CEO of Duta Grooming, a training institution that operates in the fields of personal grooming, public speaking, service excellence and most recently personal color analysis.

First impressions are within seconds that we will be judged by other people, of course we want to be judged positively

To get a positive impression, of course there are many aspects that are assessed, one of which is appearance… the duta grooming packages it into personal grooming

Personal grooming is about the inside and outside appearance… the outside appearance is the clothes that can be seen directly and what is meant by the inside appearance is etiquette. To be considered good, of course the first impression is very important to consider because it can have an impact on ourselves, the work environment and our career or our partner’s career.

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Apart from sharing about how to become a person with an attractive and good appearance. Grooming ambassadors are also concerned about color which can have an impact on a person’s appearance.

What is personal color analysis is analyzing the best color based on DNA, namely from hair color, eyeballs and undertones, why do we do it because one color is a benchmark for someone to look attractive, of course by knowing our best color it will be easier to Choose the color of our clothes so that we don’t waste money, not just the color of our clothes, headscarf or hair, personal color analysis can also find out the color of accessories and make-up hues that suit our personality. Knowing the best colors will certainly make grooming friends more confident.

There are several stages to analyze the best color, namely determine the under tone: warm and cool. Determine the session, namely: spring, autumn, summer, winter. Determine the intensity: Pure, Tinted, Toned, Shaded. The fees offered are 750-1.5 million with a minimum consultation duration of 2 hours

In conclusion, to be a pleasant and attractive person there are several aspects to consider, suitability of clothing to body shape, colors that suit our personality, good etiquette which makes our image positive.

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